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Spring 2017 Newsletter

File Size : 262 Kb

mental health awareness in Tayside; Kinship Care DVD; Right Based approach to dental play; Children's Rights Day at Hospital; Children's Anaesthetic Experience etc

Winter 2016/17 Newsletter

File Size : 203 Kb

Articles on: Tackling Childhood Obesity; Children's Rights; Training for Dental Staff; Review of Conscious Sedation Guideline and more

Summer 2016 Newsletter

File Size : 174 Kb

Articles on Children's Experience of Anaesthetics in Hospital

Oral health provision ion ASL settings; Importance of Play; Angus Early Years Collaborative

ASCS Annual Review and Impact Report 2015-16

File Size : 329 Kb

Report on our work over the period 1.4.15 to 31.3.16

Winter 2015/16 Newsletter

File Size : 255 Kb


ASCS's Manifesto for the Scottish Government, MSPs and those responsible for the formulation of healthcare policy.

Appropriate Care for Children and Young People in all Hospital Settings: Risk Assessment and Care Pathway Guidance.

Autumn 2015 Newsletter

File Size : 196 Kb

contents include - A Teacher's experience of Special Smiles; innovative practice at the MRI dept at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow and more

Spring 2015 Newsletter

File Size : 1188 Kb

includes articles on food for children in hospital; innovative ways to help children cope with medical treatment and procedures

Winter 2014 - Conference Issue

File Size : 221 Kb

coverage of our conference 'Person Centred Care for Children and Young People: Myth or Reality'

Annual Review and Impact Report 2013-14

File Size : 317 Kb

Annual Report or our activities and summary financial information 2013-14

Spring 2014 Newletter

File Size : 216 Kb

Autumn/Winter 2013 Newsletter

File Size : 168 Kb

News on Parental Access and Family Facilities Survey event at Scottish Parliament; Person Centred Care for Children and Young People; Parent Perspectives; New Information Guides.

Parental Access & Family Facilities Survey 2012-13 Report

File Size : 1034 Kb

ASCS Report on latest parental access and family facilities of Scottish NHS wards admitting paediatric patients. For Report appendices click here

ASCS Annual Review and Impact Report 2012-13

File Size : 294 Kb

Report on our work and its impact for 2012-13

Helping Children Cope with Needles

File Size : 641 Kb

Information for parents and carers to help them support their children with anxiety or fear around immunisation injections and injections provided as part of medical treatment.

Helping Children Cope with Pain

File Size : 615 Kb

Information for parents and carers to help their children cope with pain experienced through illness, medical treatment, accidents.

Spring 2013 Newsletter

File Size : 292 Kb

Contains articles on Administration of Medicines in Schools: Education for sick children and young people; new self management project in West Lothian etc

Special Smiles Evaluation Report 2012

File Size : 1607 Kb

Describes the fantastic work of ASCS's Inspiring Scotland funded project working in 17 ASL Schools in Glasgow..

Annual Review and Impact Report 2011-12

File Size : 265 Kb

A Review of our work and its impact to year ended 31.3.2012

Please click here for full audited accounts for year ended March 2012

Autumn 2012 Newsletter

File Size : 162 Kb

Contains info onState of Play in Scottish Hospitals; Clinical Services Review in NHS GG & C; ASCS Child health workshops for kinship carers and more

Talking About My Health Condition

File Size : 628 Kb

tips on communication for young people with long term conditions and professionals working with them

Spring 2012 Newsletter

File Size : 213 Kb

Contents: Tribute to Dr Peg Belson MBE; The Corporate Parent; Rights of the Child Group; Education for sick Children; Project Updates

Autumn 2011 Newsletter

File Size : 201 Kb

information on Education Petition; new funding for Dental Project etc

Annual Review 2010-11

File Size : 291 Kb

Please click here for full audited accounts for year ended March 2011

Community Play Project 2008-2010 Report

File Size : 987 Kb

End of project report on ASC(S) pilot carried out in NHS Forth Valley which provided specialist play input in a community or home setting to children and young people receiving specialist treatment at tertiary centres.

Spring 2011 Newsletter

File Size : 404 Kb

Articles include need for better education provision for children and young people absent from school due to illness; our self management programme for young people in Lanarkshire living with chronic illness; ASC(S) Community Play Specialist end of project report etc

Stay Well Lanarkshire

File Size : 1519 Kb

Info on our self management project which helps young people manage their chronic condition/illness.

You can listen to this leafte in MP3 format here

Autumn 2010

File Size : 3902 Kb

Includes articles on ASC(S) conference 2010, News from our projects, Resources for Professionals working with children and young in and leaving care; Special Smiles in Egypt etc

Annual Revew 2009-10

File Size : 8846 Kb

Includes Chair's Report; Manifesto, Our Projects, Statistics and Funding Information for year ending 31 March 2010.

LAAC Postcard

File Size : 227 Kb

Accompanies the poster and gives more information on the health needs and rights of children and young people in and leaving care. Describes how the ASC(S) website can help

LAAC Poster

File Size : 200 Kb

An A4 poster guiding people to other sources of information on meeting the healthcare needs and rights of children and young people in and leaving care.

Young people in Hospital

File Size : 683 Kb

this booklet aims to help young people prepare for a hospital visit and answer some of the questions they may have. It also points them to other sources of help and information

You ca listen to This guide in MP3 format here

Young People's EACH Charter

File Size : 506 Kb

An A7 pocket-sized booklet containing a young person’s version of the 10 healthcare rights of children and young people

Spring 2010

File Size : 3187 Kb

Info on EACH Campaign launch; Young Parents Speak Out DVD; Manifesto and ASC(S) Projects

Help in Tayside for You and Your Baby.

File Size : 450 Kb

info about useful organisations and websites, health information advice for young parents. Focused on Tayside but has relevant info for all young parents.

An audio version of this Guide is available

Listen to 'Help in Tayside for You and Your Baby'

Special Smiles Dental Project Evaluation Report 2007-09

File Size : 2368 Kb

Evaluation by Dental Health Services Research Programme, University of Dundee of pilot of 27 Schools in Tayside 2007-09

Autumn 2009 Newsletter

File Size : 2148 Kb

Contains info on projects; EACH Campaign launch; volunteering with ASC(S); Focus on Yorkill; Patnerships and Family Participation

ASCS Annual Review 2008-09

File Size : 6849 Kb

Chair's Report, statistical information and extract from audited annual accounts for year ending 31 March 2009. Also includes information about our projects

The GP Service for Children and Young People

File Size : 379 Kb

This provides useful information about visiting the GP with your child and answers questions parents/carers may have

An audio version of this guide is available if you prefer

Listen to 'The GP Service for Children and Young People'

What to expect when a child goes to hospital

File Size : 431 Kb

This booklet will answer some of the questions families may have when a child goes to hospital. It aims to provide information to help them cope better with an unknown or worrying situation.

An audio version of this guide is available

Listen to 'What to expect when a child goes to hospital'

This guide is also available in Polish

Spring 2009 Newsletter

File Size : 1142 Kb

Contents include

Dental Project Update:Tayside Child Health Rights: Children and Anaesthetics; Children and Young People in Care; New Projects

ASC(S) Annual Review 2007-8

File Size : 2440 Kb

EACH Poster

File Size : 338 Kb

A3 poster available from this office. It illustrates the ten rights of children in hospital and should be read in conjunction with the EACH Charter

LAAC Flyer

File Size : 1254 Kb

Preparing for Dental Treatment

File Size : 306 Kb

This Guide is also available Simplified Chinese

An audio version of this leaflet is available

Listen to 'Preparing for Dental Treatment'

Questions Parents Ask

File Size : 334 Kb

Some of the most common questions asked by parents.

Autumn 2008 Newsletter

File Size : 1129 Kb

Children and Young Peoples Healthcare Rights Resource Pack launched

Special Smiles in Perth School

Allergic Disorders in Children and Young People

Living with a Long Term Condition — A Young Person’s Experience

Children and Young People's Healthcare Rights

File Size : 1171 Kb

Pack for those working with children and young people primary 1 to secondary 6 to help them understand their healthcare rights and responsibilities. Includes animation DVD.

Family Facilities Survey Report

File Size : 1673 Kb

This report is the latest in a series of surveys ASC(S) has carried out into the facilities available for families when their child is in hospital. All Scottish hospitals admitting children are included in the survey.

Health Matters

File Size : 113 Kb

Health Matters

File Size : 379 Kb

Caring for a Sick Child - Tayside Survey 2007

File Size : 223 Kb

This report on a survey carried out in Tayside in 2007 on the impact of having a sick child in the family

Child Dental Surgical Services in Scotland

File Size : 108 Kb

This reports on a one year survey into what preparation is carried out for children and young people undergoing surgical dental treatment in hosptial

Health Services for Children and Young People: A Guide for Commissioners and Providers

This information pack by Christine Hogg provides practical advice for everyone involved in commissioning and providing health services for children. It starts with the rights of the child and shows the benefits of working in partnership with families. It brings together standards and good practice covering general practice, community services, school health, joint commissioning, child and adolescent mental health and hospital services.

To order a copy go to the Action for Sick Children website.

Setting Standards for Adolescents in Hospital

Adolescents in hospital have a clear need to be nursed with their own age group in a suitable environment. This report gives guidance to purchasers on needs assessment, specifications for contracts and audit; and to providers of facilities, staffing and quality assurance. Six examples of good practice are included as well as checklists for purchasers, providers and users. Edited by Christine Hogg. To order this publication go to the Action for Sick Children website.