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Spring 2017 Newsletter

File Size : 262 Kb

mental health awareness in Tayside; Kinship Care DVD; Right Based approach to dental play; Children's Rights Day at Hospital; Children's Anaesthetic Experience etc

Winter 2016/17 Newsletter

File Size : 203 Kb

Articles on: Tackling Childhood Obesity; Children's Rights; Training for Dental Staff; Review of Conscious Sedation Guideline and more

Summer 2016 Newsletter

File Size : 174 Kb

Articles on Children's Experience of Anaesthetics in Hospital

Oral health provision ion ASL settings; Importance of Play; Angus Early Years Collaborative

Winter 2015/16 Newsletter

File Size : 255 Kb


ASCS's Manifesto for the Scottish Government, MSPs and those responsible for the formulation of healthcare policy.

Appropriate Care for Children and Young People in all Hospital Settings: Risk Assessment and Care Pathway Guidance.

Autumn 2015 Newsletter

File Size : 196 Kb

contents include - A Teacher's experience of Special Smiles; innovative practice at the MRI dept at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow and more

Spring 2015 Newsletter

File Size : 1188 Kb

includes articles on food for children in hospital; innovative ways to help children cope with medical treatment and procedures

Winter 2014 - Conference Issue

File Size : 221 Kb

coverage of our conference 'Person Centred Care for Children and Young People: Myth or Reality'

Spring 2014 Newletter

File Size : 216 Kb

Autumn/Winter 2013 Newsletter

File Size : 168 Kb

News on Parental Access and Family Facilities Survey event at Scottish Parliament; Person Centred Care for Children and Young People; Parent Perspectives; New Information Guides.

Spring 2013 Newsletter

File Size : 292 Kb

Contains articles on Administration of Medicines in Schools: Education for sick children and young people; new self management project in West Lothian etc

Autumn 2012 Newsletter

File Size : 162 Kb

Contains info onState of Play in Scottish Hospitals; Clinical Services Review in NHS GG & C; ASCS Child health workshops for kinship carers and more

Spring 2012 Newsletter

File Size : 213 Kb

Contents: Tribute to Dr Peg Belson MBE; The Corporate Parent; Rights of the Child Group; Education for sick Children; Project Updates

Autumn 2011 Newsletter

File Size : 201 Kb

information on Education Petition; new funding for Dental Project etc

Spring 2011 Newsletter

File Size : 404 Kb

Articles include need for better education provision for children and young people absent from school due to illness; our self management programme for young people in Lanarkshire living with chronic illness; ASC(S) Community Play Specialist end of project report etc

Autumn 2010

File Size : 3902 Kb

Includes articles on ASC(S) conference 2010, News from our projects, Resources for Professionals working with children and young in and leaving care; Special Smiles in Egypt etc

Spring 2010

File Size : 3187 Kb

Info on EACH Campaign launch; Young Parents Speak Out DVD; Manifesto and ASC(S) Projects

Autumn 2009 Newsletter

File Size : 2148 Kb

Contains info on projects; EACH Campaign launch; volunteering with ASC(S); Focus on Yorkill; Patnerships and Family Participation

Spring 2009 Newsletter

File Size : 1142 Kb

Contents include

Dental Project Update:Tayside Child Health Rights: Children and Anaesthetics; Children and Young People in Care; New Projects

Autumn 2008 Newsletter

File Size : 1129 Kb

Children and Young Peoples Healthcare Rights Resource Pack launched

Special Smiles in Perth School

Allergic Disorders in Children and Young People

Living with a Long Term Condition — A Young Person’s Experience