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Membership of Action for Sick Children Scotland


If you would like to support us and be kept informed about our work you may be interested in becoming a member of Action for Sick children Scotland. By doing so you will be entitled to:

  • Vote at Extraordinary and Annual General Meetings
  • Receive free of charge our quarterly newsletter and reports
  • Free copies of our leaflets and fact-sheets
  • Advance notice and discounted rates on ASCS conferences and events.

Subscription rates for the calendar year 1 January to 31 December are:

Professional/Individual Membership   £10

Parent/Carer/Family membership        £5

Departmental Membership                  £30

(Maximum 15 individuals)

Corporate Membership                       £60


Click here to download a membership application form for completion and sending to Action for Sick Children Scotland 22 Laurie Street Edinburgh EH6 7 AB