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How you can help




There are several ways you can help as a volunteer:

  • You could help in the running of our charity by joining our Executive Committee which meets every six to eight weeks in Edinburgh. 
  • You may be able to help with admin work in our Edinburgh office or you could help publicise and promote our work by staffing stalls at conferences and other events.  
  • You may have experience of our healthcare system as a parent, patient or as a healthcare professional. We are often asked to provide the patient or parent perspective on local NHS committees and groups. You may be interested in representing us  on one of these committees.  
  • You could help by raising funds for ASC(S) eg by organising a coffee morning or by organising a local fundraising event.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss further by contacting us on 0131 553 6553 or use our email contact form. We will send you a short application form for you to fill in and information about being a volunteer. 

Volunteer Stories


As the mother of a young deaf person with health problems, volunteering has allowed me to have a say in the welfare of children, before and during a stay in hospital. I have spoken at a Community Paediatricians conference allowing me to put forward the parent perspective. I also am the parent representative on the ‘Asthma Services for Children and Young People Board Wide Multidisciplinary Group’. It is important to me to put something back and raise the profile of deaf awareness. After all, I have received encouragement and help from so many professionals over the years.


As a young child I was admitted to hospital on a few occasions, which was a traumatic experience.  Also as a parent I had to endure time spent in hospital with my own ill children. As a trained nurse I was able to help alleviate their fears and worries, by giving them all the information and knowledge that they needed.  This is why I volunteered with Action for Sick Children (Scotland), so that I can help children and parents deal with issues that may arise in the health service, by giving information about services available and using hospital play boxes and making hospitals a less scary place to be.