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European Association for Children in Hospital

What is EACH?

The European Association for Children in Hospital (EACH) - is the umbrella organisation for member associations involved in the welfare of all children before, during and after a hospital stay. In 1988 twelve of these associations met together in the Netherlands for their first European conference.  At this event the "Leiden Charter" was drawn up which described in ten points the rights of children in hospital (now the EACH Charter). 

Since the adoption of the Charter in 1988 the understanding of what needs to be done with regard to children and health care has grown considerably. In addition experiences confirmed the importance of what we call today "family and patient - centred care".  In 2001 at the EACH conference in Brussels annotations to the Charter were adopted.  These annotations are a useful supplement to the original Charter and were prepared to assist with its implementation.

What is EACH doing now?

 At present eighteen organisations in Europe and Japan are members of EACH.  The activities of the member associations are adapted to the needs of each particular country and are oriented to advise, inform and support families/carers of sick children regardless of their illness; to promote the welfare of sick children amongst healthcare and other professionals and to negotiate with government authorities to improve the care of children in health care services.  Members aim to have the principles of the Charter incorporated into their countries' health laws, regulations and guidelines. Implementing the Charter means at the same time implemention of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC).

What's happening in Scotland?

 ASCS continues to use the EACH Charter to promote the healthcare rights of children and young people.  We have delivered workshops on EACH to children, young people and talks to healthcare professionals including nursing students, hospital play specialists and nursery nurses and have produced an EACH poster which illustrates the 10 Charter points.  We have also produced a Young People's EACH Charter in conjunction with young people which includes their interpretation of the EACH Charter points. Both Charters and posters can be ordered from our national office on 0131 553 6553.  We encourage all NHS Boards to disseminate the EACH Charter to their staff.  We are delighted that the Charter is recommended by the Scottish Government in 'Delivering a Healthy Future:  An Action Framework for Children and Young People in Scotland' as a standard against which NHS Boards can assess their Child Health Services.

We invite parents and carers

To provide or arrange to provide the support and care their children need.

We invite those in public office

To create the framework within which parents and carers may become active in the care of their child in hospital.

We invite those involved in the care of sick children and young people

To get acquainted with the rights of children and young people in hospital.

The Each Charter