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Healthcare Rights
Standards of care

Over the years we have developed standards of care for children in hospital which have been adopted across the UK.   Action for Sick Children has produced:

Millenium Charter for Children's Health Services

  • All children shall have equal access to the best clinical care within a network of services that collaborate with each other.
  • Health services for children and young people should be provided in a child centred environment separately from adults so that they are made to feel welcome, safe and secure at all times.
  • Parents should be empowered to participate in decisions regarding the treatment and care of their child through a process of clear communication and adequate support.
  • Children should be informed and involved to an extent appropriate to their development and understanding.
  • Children should be cared for at home with the support and practical assistance of community children's nursing services, unless the care that they require can only be provided in hospital.
  • All staff caring for children shall be specifically trained to understand and respond to their clinical, emotional, developmental and cultural needs.
  • Every hospital admitting children should provide overnight accommodation for parents, free of charge.
  • Parents should be encouraged and supported to participate in the care of their child when they are sick.
  • Every child in hospital shall have full opportunity for play, recreation and education.
  • Adolescents will be recognised as having different needs to those of younger children and adults. Health services should therefore be readily available to meet their particular needs.

Health Services for Children and Young People:  A Guide for Commissioners and Providers:  Christine Hogg


Setting Standards for Adolescents in Hospital:  edited by Christine Hogg.