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What We Do

What We Do


Action for Sick Children Scotland is the only charity in Scotland dedicated to informing, promoting and campaigning on behalf of the needs of ALL sick children and young people within our healthcare system

 Our work includes:

  • Working with the Scottish Government, NHS and voluntary sector to ensure that health services are planned for sick children and young people in child-centred environments equipped with appropriate ratios of trained staff
  • Informing children and young people, parents and carers of their rights and responsibilities, where to access advice and support and what they should expect from health service providers -  empowering them to participate in decisions about the treatment and care of their child
  • Raising awareness and representing children and young people’s needs and concerns within government, healthcare committees and other non governmental  organisations                                    
  • Promoting the use of evidence based practice to provide high quality healthcare services at home and in hospital, while working to obtain equality of services and access across Scotland 

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ASCS Strategic Plan 2016-19         and Statistical Appendix 2016-19

ASCS Strategic Plan 2013-16       and Statistical Appendix 2013-16