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How we help
Children and Young People


How we help children and young people


Who are we?

We are the only Scotland wide charity dedicated to promoting and championing the needs of all children and young people and their families at times of illness. We also supply information and resources, support and advice with the aim of helping families access the best possible health care.

Action for Sick Children Scotland is an independent organisation and that means we are not part of any health board or hospital and can give information and impartial advice on any aspect of children and young people’s healthcare. This will sometimes involve signposting enquirers to other organisations as sources of help.

 Who do we work with?

We work in partnership with parents, carers, professionals and children and young people to help them meet their healthcare needs when they are sick/ill. This means we work with:

  • The Scottish Government health department
  • Health boards and community health partnerships
  • Children’s hospitals and general hospitals which treat children, health centres and child development centres
  • Any healthcare professionals
  • Schools  and special schools
  • Other organisations and agencies which are connected with children and young people’s health and disability such as Contact a Family or Enable. See the Useful links page
  • Children and young people who have a healthcare need/problem and different family members

What we do?  As well as providing   

Information   - Support    - Advice   - Liaison    - Resources  

on any aspect of a child or young person’s healthcare we also have a range of projects operating in different parts of the country, each of which deals with a specific topic of children and young people’s health. These are:

Special Smiles Dental Project in Glasgow anad Lanarkshire, a dental project for children and young people with additional support needs.

Child Self Management Project in West Lothian, which is looking at how young children aged 8 - 12 years can be supported to self manage their long term conditions.

Children and Young People In and Leaving Care Project healthcare project working in West, Central, Fife and Lothiandelivering workshops to foster and kinship carers on the issues around the health needs and rights of children and young people, looked after away from home when they are sick.

ASCS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Our work for sick children, young people and their families includes a range of organisations and groups in and around the Royal Hospital for Sick Children Glasgow (Yorkhill) and across the Glasgow area.  

Children and young people’s healthcare rights resource pack for anyone working with children and young people from P1 to S6 to help them understand the nature of healthcare services, how to access them and what their rights are in relation to them.

 Why contact us? 

We can:

  • Give advice about the healthcare services available for children and young people
  • Explain how young people can access these
  • Help young people understand their rights in relation to healthcare services
  • Help young people have their say about services
  • Help them share their views with other young people
  • Take their views to people who can make a difference
  • Work with young people and healthcare professionals on their healthcare needs and rights
  • Give talks and presentations on our service