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How we help

How we help Healthcare Professionals

We are the only charity in Scotland dedicated to informing, promoting and campaigning on behalf of the needs of all sick children and young people within our healthcare system. Supporting best practice when working with families caring for sick child – here are some of the ways we can help you:

Publications – we have a range of information leaflets on aspects of preparing a child for healthcare intervention and treatment

  • Helping children cope with pain                                                      
  • Helping children cope with needles
  • What to expect in hospital
  • Preparing your Child for Dental treatment
  • Young people in hospital  

Children and Young People’s Healthcare Rights Resource packthis is designed to help all those working with and who wish to help children and young people understand the nature of healthcare services, how to access these and their rights in relation to their use.

Toolkit of Information which will help professionals working with looked after and accommodated children and young people to provide for their healthcare needs. See project page for information.

EACH Charter Booklet and Poster - several NHS Boards have ordered copies of EACH Charters and EACH Posterposters for dissemination within their area. The EACH Charter is recommended by the Scottish Government in ‘Delivering a Health Future: An Action Framework for Children and Young People in Scotland’, as the standard against which NHS Boards can assess their child health services. We can supply EACH Charter booklets at £1 each plus postage. 

Parent and Carer packgoing into hospital or preparing for any other kind of health care treatment or intervention can be a daunting time for families. Information about the treatment and what to expect can help them cope better and prepare their child for what to expect. Our pack includes a selection of our leaflets, including Frequently asked questions, What to expect going into hospital and an EACH charter explaining their healthcare rights. It also includes booklets on Consent and Confidentiality for under 16s and Have Your Say!  We can provide packs for you to give your patient families or we can send them direct to the family.

Family supportour area staff around Scotland can provide one-to-one advice and support to families and recent examples include:

A young child facing surgery of a very sensitive nature where compliance was an issue. An area staff member was able to work with the family using a hospital play box, support the mother and liaise with the hospital staff.

A girl in her teens was admitted onto an adult ward and was not being allowed access to her parents nor they to her. A staff member was able to act as a conduit between paediatric services and the adult ward and parents were allowed access.

Information and signposting we can provide information on a range of different queries relating to the healthcare needs of families, these include:

  • Children and young people’s healthcare rights
  • Information on rare disorders and long term conditions
  • Where to turn for advice on welfare rights and benefits.  

Resources – we can sometimes arrange for you to have the use of a hospital play box to help your work with families

Information about and Service Users’ Views on Healthcare Services

Over the years we have surveyed Scottish hospitals admitting paediatric patients to assess how ‘family friendly’ their facilities are. Read our latest Parental Access and Family Facilities Report. 

In 2007 we carried out a survey of families in Tayside who had a sick child to find out from them the impacts of having a sick child. Read the Tayside Survey Report.

Talks to Students

It is sometimes possible for our staff to come and talk to nursing and other healthcare students about our work and the specific needs of sick children, young people and their families. 

Become a Member of Action for Sick Children (Scotland)

By becoming a member of Action for Sick Children (Scotland) you can keep up to date with our work and receive a free copy of our newsletters and new leaflets. Click here for information on how to become a member.