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Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Our Area Co-ordinator has been working in the area since 2001. Her work for
sick children, young people  and their families includes:

Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow: The Area Co-ordinator was  closely involved with the planning and development of the new  children's hospital through the participation on the Stakeholder Reference Group, sharing our expertise as a standard setting  organisation. She was also a member of the Community  Engagement – Family and Youth Panels: working with this team on service re-design and the planning of the new children's hospital; meeting families and staff to discuss direct help and/or to signpost patients and their families to services.

      FILES: by participating in the Family Information Leaflet Editorial Service Group the Area                       Co-ordinator hopes to ensure that information is understandable for young patients and families

Acute Operating Division (AOD) Patients Panel: working with other patient representatives on ways to improve services across all acute hospital settings in the healthboard area - ensuring that children and young people's needs are addressed.

Rights of the Child Group:  contributing to issues like equal access to hospital education, support during bereavement, staff awareness of adolescent needs or those with complex and learning needs. This group shares ASCS' aim to implement the EACH charter for all children and young people.

Young People’s Services in NHS GG&C: contributing to a work stream which seeks to involve adult services to achieve age appropriate care across all services across the whole board area.  Transition from paediatric to adult services is a key objective for ASCS and the Area Co-ordinator

Participation in Consultations: whenever the board, local, regional or national services need to engage users about new development, the area co-ordinator contributes comments whenever possible.

APA (Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists): working closely with this professional group to continuously monitor and improve anaesthetic services for children and young people undergoing surgery or other treatments and investigations that require anaesthesia and/or pain relief.

ASCS Hospital Playboxes: This resource has been used in schools, at Scouts and Girl Guiding groups to inform children about hospitals or treatments. It helps children to cope with their hospital experiences or when someone close to them has been ill. It is also an effective tool to communicate with younger children and those with communication difficulties.  

 Review of Guidance for children and young people who are too ill to attend school: the Area Co-ordinator was a member of the review group at the Scottish Government and influenced this guidance to ensure equal access to education for all sick children and young people. The revised guidance had now been published and can be found here .

Raising Awareness 

Our Area Co-ordinator delivers talks on the patient and parent perspective and the needs of the sick child to healthcare professionals including nursing students, and to community groups. The Area Co-ordinator uses such opportunities to make staff aware of children's and young people's rights.


For information contact:  Dagmar Kerr (Area Co-ordinator Great Glasgow & Clyde) 

e-mail; Dagmar Kerr


Useful links: NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Board: Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow


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ASCS’s literature was great. It enabled me explain to Angus what he should expect. It also encouraged him to ask questions. ASCS also pointed me in the right direction so that I could make good use of the excellent play specialist at Yorkhill who gave us a lot of support. Angus felt empowered because he was allowed to make choices. Mother of 8 year old boy who was terrified of going to hospital for surgery 

Thanks for sharing the ASCS information and meeting report. Looks excellent. Thanks too for your support for the peer review process. It's much appreciated. Consultant anaesthetist

Thank you - deeply useful and interesting. Provocative & challenging & good impact on my practice, I expect. Nurse participating at training session

Thank you for listening and for pointing me in the right direction Parent