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Community Play Specialist Pilot Project


Over the years, Action for Sick Children (Scotland) has dealt with many requests from both families and professionals for information and play support for children requiring medical treatment. Many of these queries have been about how to prepare children for major surgery, how to help children and their family cope after a traumatic/emergency admission and how to help siblings understand what is happening. 
As more paediatric hospital services are being centralised into specialist centres for certain health interventions, some families will have to travel outside their local area for child health services. Although there are hospital play specialists working in paediatric inpatient settings, there is no provision currently in Scotland for specialist play support in the community.
Action for Sick Children (Scotland) therefore funded a two year (October 2008 - October 2010) pilot Community Play Specialist project based in NHS Forth Valley.  The project was staffed by Amy Joss, a registered Hospital Play Specialist and Project Officer for Central Scotland. The project has now been completed.  Over 18 months, Amy acted on 47 formal referrals and several other informal referrals (such as providing support and information regarding therapeutic play and development of parent/carer and child-friendly resources).
We are delighted to have had the opportunity to run this innovative community play project.  A final project report is now available.  Click here.   
If you would like to have pdf copies of the two dissertations (Anderson and Begg, MSc in Health Psychology, University of Stirling) that form the project evaluation, please email the National Office, 
For further information about the play project, contact Amy Joss, Project Officer: email: Amy Joss