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Stay Well Lanarkshire was our innovative self management project which aimed to assist young people with long term conditions to manage their illness and live as full and healthy a life as possible. 

From 2009-March, 2012 , the project developed and delivered 9 self management workshop programmes for 51 young people living in Lanarkshire with a long term health condition. The sessions were not disease specific, but focussed on the general impact long term illnesses can have on quality of life. It also gave participants the chance to meet other young people, to share experience and provide peer support. 

The project developed a DVD and a new leaflet, Talking about my Health Condition. See the link to these on the left-hand sidebar.

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 Self management is a process in which people with long term illnesses are empowered to take charge of their condition and its impact on their quality of life. 

 Self Management

  • Does not mean I have to manage by myself
  • Does mean that I can ask for help and support
  • Does mean that I am central to the support I receive
    More information on self management check out the Alliance website:  (was Long Term Conditions Alliance Scotland-LTCAS).

What happened at the workshops?

Our project team, Amy Joss and Lysia Abercrombie, provided a programme of self management workshops (three full days). The sessions were directly shaped by the young people participating and involved fun activities such as drumming, dvd production, peer support training and healthy cooking. The following list is not exhaustive and varied depending on participants but sessions included:

  • Understanding self management and NHS structures
  • Understanding and coping with emotions
  • Communication: family, friends, health & education professionals
  • Building Confidence 
  • Resources needed to self manage eg coping with stress, pain, healthy exercise and food  

Want to know more about the project?

Contact 0131 553 6553 or email Amy for more information.