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Accessibility Features


The site is targetted at  WAI-W3C level II compliance. There may be work to be done but it meets all the most important features of the standard. 

Special Features

High Contrast Text Only Version The text only link in the page header switches the site into fully serialised high contrast text only form suitable for screen readers and sighted users needing large high contrast text.

Within the text view links to jump between the menus and the content are provided. Once switched to text-only the user will receive text-only pages until either their session times out after 40 minutes of inactivity or the user uses the 'graphic view' link to switch back.

Access Keys

F12 Takes you to the first item in the left side menu.

Using Alt+  followed by Enter(IE on the  PC),  Alt+shift+ (Firefox on the PC),  Option + (Mac) the following shortcuts have been provided and are accessible from all pages.

Alt+1 the Home link

Alt+2 Site Search

Alt+3 SiteMap

Alt+4 Text Only /  Graphical switch

Navigating Without Javascript

Javascript is required for the popout menus. Where javascript is not available the menus can be navigated by clicking on the menu item in the left column which will open a menu of links as a page. Alternatively all pages are accessible from the Site Map.

Keyboard Navigation

The Tab order starting from the Home Link traverses the top menu items then moves to the main left side menu. In that menu tree the arrow keys can be used to move around in the menus. Up and Down move the focus on level one while the Right Arrow key opens the popout menu. The Left arrow then returns the focus to the first level of the menu where Up and Down come into play again.

If you have any access problems please let us know via the contact form.