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West Lothian Child Self Management Project

West Lothian Child Self Management Project


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West Lothian Child Self Management Pilot Project

February 2013 - March 2014

Our 14 month West Lothian Child Self Management Pilot Project was completed in March, 2014. The pilot established links and consulted with children, statutory groups, parents/carers groups and the voluntary sector in West Lothian to develop and pilot a self management program for younger children (8-12 years) living with a long term health condition.

The project team, Amy Joss and Laura Queen, developed and tested age-appropriate activities with children and information for parents/carers that was found to be helpful and well-received. In three sessions held at Bathgate Partnership Centre, they provided information and support in communication; developing friendships; coping with emotions and worries; and increasing confidence. Parents/carers also learned about GIRFEC and the named person; supporting their child with pain and relaxation; and understanding and coping with bullying.

The group enjoyed a fourth session family outing to The Five Sisters Zoo at West Calder to wrap up the pilot. Highlights of the day included feeding the lemurs, handling some of the more interesting animal residents and learning about the work of zoo in rescuing animals such as circus bears, to give them a happier life.


Parents/Carers found this list of websites to be helpful:

Useful websites.pdf



What is ‘self management’?

Self management puts people living with long term conditions in ‘the driving seat’. It supports and encourages people to access information and to develop skills that will enable them to live their lives on their terms.

Self management is not a replacement for health or other services.

It’s about working with people who can provide the right support at the right time to enable individuals to choose how they want to live with a long term condition(s).

Self management does not mean having to manage alone without support.

It enables people to make informed choices about how and when to draw on different kinds of support.

Self management is not an individual action, specific treatment or service. It has to be tailored to each person’s needs, circumstances and wishes. It supports people to live full lives while dealing with the reality of living with a long term condition. 

(Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland:

 The West Lothian Child self management project work began in February, 2013. The 14 month pilot, supported children and parents/carers in West Lothian to learn about self management of a long term health condition; healthcare rights and responsibilities; and support and services in their area. 

This pilot followed on from our Stay Well project for young people in Lanarkshire, which concluded in May 2012. Stay Well delivered a generic self management programme to 51 young people with long term conditions (average age 14) in Lanarkshire.  The feedback from this programme confirmed that young people, carers and professionals felt that having support at a younger age would be useful and would make the transition to secondary school less challenging.

If you are a parent/carer, or you work in health, education or the voluntary sector in West Lothian and would like more information, please contact the ASCS office.  

Grateful thanks to Project Funders: 

BBC Children in Need; Moffat Trust; Widower’s Trust; Robertson’s Trust; Miss Agnes H Hunter’s Trust